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How nice it is to feel the breeze gently caress your hand.

How eager you are to go and leave everything your own behind.

How happy it feels to hold hands with your loved ones!

How convenient it would be to not need to fumble through your belongings 

when you don’t have a moment to lose!

Feel free and ARNO.

Sometimes it adds character to simple fashion choices,

Sometimes it completes the look for a special occasion,

With its color, pattern, and rose gold finish.

Please look forward to new designs 

that ARNO LAB presents every season.

You can feel the hand-made quality of 

an ARNO product the moment you hold it.

You can see why ARNO employs a meticulous 

10-stage production process the moment you start to use it.

* A high-end, 2-in-1 case made from TPU and acryl.

* Anti-scratch finish and excellent durability prevent scratches 

  and discoloring for extended usage.

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